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Courses for Meeting Your Mind

The Way Forward

Woman Holding Cigarette

You Are in Control

Through hypnosis, you’ll enter a receptive state as you focus on letting go of the need to smoke. Sessions are catered to your lifestyle and your attachment to smoking. The benefit of hypnosis is to engage the power of the subconscious 90% brain area so that it supports the conscious 10% brain. Why make 10% of the brain try to resist the 90% that is really in control? Clients report that hypnosis reduces the struggle and symptoms that eventually led them to failure in the past. They say that with hypnosis it's "different and emotionally easier".
In Kentucky, if you are a pack a day smoker it costs about $180 month to smoke. For the cost of less than 3 months of smoking you can regain your health NOW, feel in control, and you don't have to stand in the cold to get your fix. This is not a gamble, it is an investment.

On the Scales

View Food in New Ways

Use the mind-body link to grow positive eating habits. This allows you to naturally reach a weight that is healthy for your body and enjoy the results you have been seeking. You’ll enter a trance-like state that will give you heightened focus at the subconscious level. This makes it easier to gain control over your habits and cravings. 85% of eating (or not eating) is about the emotional benefits that food offers (positive or negative) and 15% is merely habit. We will assess your relationship to food and craft a course that works to eliminate the blocks you are experiencing. This gives you the freedom from being chained to the ups and downs of dieting. Why not try hypnosis and get in tune with your body from the inside out? Enlist the 95% of your mind that is left out of traditional diet methods. Diet plans don't consider the emotional reasons for eating. Let's work through that together!


You Have the Power Over Emotions

Memories are held at the subconscious level and are tied to strong emotions felt at the time. This history creates our emotional patterning and leads to our present automatic thoughts and emotions. Hypnosis is different than traditional therapy in that it allows the client to look at the past without reliving it, gain positive learnings and finally leave the emotions behind. When we "unbind" the emotion from the event, there is a shift in how we see and feel the present and that allows a different outcome for future events. Together, we can break old emotional triggers and associations and forge new neuropathways.  The hypnotic state makes it so much easier to go back and process past emotions and memories because the critical mind is set aside and does not judge or guard the process. Do you want to drop anger, fear, guilt, sadness, anxiety? Let's get started!

Stressed Woman

Leave it all Behind-Stress & Anxiety

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to show your body and nervous system how to ease out of "fight or flight" mode and into a more supportive, calm space. Each session builds on the other and becomes a series of custom guided meditations. You learn how to use the same methods to calm yourself at any time and in any situation. A calm, relaxed mind and body leads to better decision making and a healthier body. Benefits can include: lowering blood pressure, regulating heartbeat, increased immune function, lower muscle tension and headaches, higher creativity, increased problem solving (and far more).

Rugby Players

Getting Your Head in the Game

Use hypnosis to create awareness of your perfect performance. Goals are easy to set and hard to manifest. Through hypnosis we employ your subconscious mind (that 90% power center) to align and support your conscious mind to achieve your goals. Sports hypnosis is all about correct visualization coupled with positive emotional outcomes. Wether you want to increase your income, perfect your basketball or golf shot, increase confidence in your delivery or let go of performance anxiety, together we can build the course catered to your specific needs and goals.


Feel Good Again- Letting Go of Pain

Our bodies are impacted by three kinds of stress: Emotional, environmental and traumatic. These stressors are held in each cell of our bodies. Many symptoms we have can be linked back to stress.

Through hypnosis, wonderful outcomes can be had to address sleep disorders, chronic pain management, headaches/migraines, tremors, fatigue, inflammation and so much more.

While working through the course you learn techniques to use daily to lessen or eliminate your own symptoms.

Our mind is a powerhouse over our body-once you know how to use it to your advantage it's like having your own prescription with you at all times. If you are looking for a natural way to control the physical pain and symptoms of a disease, you owe it to yourself to experience hypnosis.

With no side effects or contraindications and the healthy side benefits of relaxation and a sense of calm, you have everything to gain!

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