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Ego Management

Letting Go Of Emotional Baggage

Memories are held at the subconscious level and are tied to strong emotions felt at the time. This patterned history automatically controls our current thought, emotions, and actions. 

Hypnosis is different than traditional therapy in that it allows the client to look at the past without reliving it. They gain positive learnings from the past and finally leave the emotions behind.

When we "unbind"  emotion from an event, there is a shift in how we experience that event and this allows a different outcome for future events.

By working together, we can break old emotional triggers and associations and forge new neural pathways.  The hypnotic state makes it so much easier to go back and process past emotions and memories because the critical mind is set aside and does not judge or guard the process.

Do you want to drop anger, fear, guilt, sadness, anxiety? Let's get started!

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