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Stop Smoking

 The Center for Disease Control 2016 report states that the number of smokers in the US is down to 15%. Would you like to join the crowd?

You may have "tried everything" before. If so, it proves you are willing.

My friends and clients who have tried to quit in the past report feelings of "giving up or losing a friend"- a friend who supported them through tough times. Previous attempts left them feeling angry, mean and on edge while they went through the torture of cold turkey.  They would "white-knuckle it" until they couldn't fight it any longer and they would light up...again.

I love to help those who choose to leave smoking. Hypnosis is a different, subtle approach to the situation. My clients report that the process is less of a struggle and more like a journey. 

Through hypnosis, my clients are able to move through the first few days with less anger and tenseness. They say they feel "different" and that it is easier to pause, to change old reactions and habits. They experience a new awareness that they can't quite put their finger on. Yep, that is hypnosis putting your subconscious to work! This tool allows your conscious and subconscious to become aligned like never before to support you at a deeper level.

Would you like to leave the cost of smoking behind? Be it a loss in potential relationships, personal health or the financial CAN finally let go, once and for all! 

Let's arrange a phone call and we can talk about what smoking means to you and how to craft a course to success that includes your specific fears.

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