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Food Relationships

Change your relationship with food

Use the mind-body link to build positive eating habits. This allows you to reach a weight that is healthy for your body and enjoy the results you have been seeking. While in hypnosis, you’ll enter into a trance-like state that will give you heightened focus at the subconscious level. This makes it easier to gain control over your habits and cravings. 

85% of eating (or not eating) is about the emotional benefits that food offers (positive or negative) and 15% is merely habit. We will assess your relationship to food and craft a course that works to eliminate the blocks you are experiencing. This gives you the freedom from being chained to the ups and downs of dieting.

Why not try hypnosis and get in tune with your body from the inside out? Enlist the 90% of your mind that is left out of traditional diet methods. Diet plans don't consider the emotional reasons for eating. Let's work through that together!

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