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I gather information from many sources and I am confident that you will find information that will help you. If you are looking for something specific please let me know.

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Parkinson's Resources

Parkinson's disease can feel overwhelming and limiting. Life does not have to be a constant battle with your body. 

Adaptability is key!

Your mind controls your body and with enough guidance, practice, and faith, you CAN enjoy the quality of life you desire.

There is a great deal of material here and it is my hope that at least one bit of information will inspire you to see your diagnosis in a different light. 

Parkinson's does not have to define you. What you focus on expands. You get to choose the thoughts, emotions, and images that you allow into your mind. Train your mind to focus on health and your body will follow.

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Nutrition & Balanced Diet

Are you:

  • Feeling Sluggish-No Energy

  • Experience Inflammation

  • Recovering from Illness

  • Fuzzy Headed Thinking

  • Menopausal

  • IBS & Other Gut Health Issues

Would you like to modify the quality and balance of the foods you eat to improve your internal chemical/hormonal balance?  Is so, you are in the right place!

Healthy Food/Nutrition/Supplement Choices:

  • Improve Gut Health

  • Support Internal Organs

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Reduce Hormone Related Issues

  • Support Cellular Health

  • Improve Cognitive Health​

  • Increase Energy & Libido

These materials as frequently updated- I'm always on the lookout for tips, tricks and the latest research on how we can improve our internal states through the foods we eat.

Please let me know if you have specific questions about nutrition and I will source that information for you.


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Alternative vitamins, herbs and supplements

There are many natural and homeopathic approaches to our health that have stood the test of time for centuries. 

In America, we have the luxury of cutting edge technology and advancements in life-saving medicines & treatments. We can take advantage of Western medicine and compliment that with the Eastern choices of more natural and homeopathic solutions. Tap into the collective learnings of ancient cultures to support your health. Modern medicine does not negate the validity of earth-based remedies.

 Maybe you are interested in preventative and drug-free ways to support your health? If so, read on! The links and information should help to get you started and if you are looking for something more specific just let me know.


Stressed Woman

Stress Reduction: Key to Physical & Mental Health

Stress prevents our cells from cleansing, repair and recovery. When we remain in stress it confuses the cells and it blocks clear communication which is needed for optimal health.

I have collected information to help you better understand the stress/mind/body connection. We live in a far more stressed society than we think. Even low levels of emotional stress can cause inflammation and a myriad of other dis-eases in our bodies.

Use the tools and tips provided to enhance your personal health.


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