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What do I need to release?

Emotionally, I can let go of fear, hatred, anger, and grief. Shame, guilt, and worry can all take the A train. Keep your paws off of my happiness, contentment and love.

Physically, I'm willing to release the 3rd TV and the 5th pair of jeans (yes, I need jeans 1-4). I would like to keep my freedom and health, please.

What I am learning is that I don't have to give away my entire identity to create growth and change in my life. I get to keep the aspects of myself that I love just as much as I can let go of what does not serve me anymore. Then I can play around with the parts that are left and connect the pieces of me in a whole new way. This concept seems so simple but I never gave it a thought until someone pointed it out to me.

After that conversation, my top question was "What am I willing to let go of?" I was living a wonderful life but it was a life built on beliefs and customs I learned from other people and society. I let them hijack my thoughts and behaviors. They didn't hijack my essence, though, that will always be with me. It became clear that I just needed to get in touch with myself and align my thoughts and actions with my soul. This concept was liberating and simple!

Now, I get to CHOOSE. I'm in command of my internal state. I call it my Curated Life 2.0. and in this life I choose my actions and attitudes, This takes some focus and attention. Frankly, its a lot of work, yet it feels so good when I experience the shifts.

If you are feeling flat or kind of lost in life (some call it a midlife crisis) take a look inside before you make radical changes on the outside. Figure out what is most meaningful to you, what you absolutely cannot live without and use that as your home base. Start creating a vision of your future that contains all of those elements. See how much of yourself you bring forward and notice what you need to leave behind. Start working on your Curated Life 2.0 and you will make improvements, guaranteed. What we focus on expands and when we are clear about what we want in our hearts, we start noticing all the ways that this becomes possible in our outer world.

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