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Meeting Your Mind

Through Hypnosis

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Jaqueline W.  Klein

My Mission:

To empower clients to make changes that they have struggled with on their own through the use of hypnosis in a safe environment. To help clients get out of their own way and let go of limiting beliefs so they can enjoy the quality of life they desire. 


You are feeling the weight of an issue. It is like a ball and chain. For some reason you just can't shake it on your own. Maybe you are feeling ashamed or sick. Would you like to finally get beyond this block and feel free and whole again? 

Many people struggle with:

  • Stress/Anxiety from everyday demands. They feel overworked and underappreciated.

  • Fear of future or failure. Life can be uncertain and coping is hard.

  • The shame of smoking, drinking or using other crutches. Hiding the habit creates a loss of sense of self and feelings of hopelessness.

  • Chronic pain or PD symptoms. Constant pain that limits activities. Frustration mounts as abilities decline.

  • Anger and blaming. People feel drained by being unable to let go of emotional baggage.

Together, we can get you to the other side of your problem. When I work with you in hypnosis, change can come quickly and you can easily take charge of your life again and regain your sense of pride. 



Through hypnosis, I help you overcome yourself so you can move into the quality of life you deserve. Once you see how easy it is to let go of the baggage you have been carrying for years (physical or mental), you will wonder what took you so long! Being free of your inner demons is an inspiring and liberating sensation.

How to know & feel the success:

  • Pleasurable relationships and deeper connections come easier for you.

  • You can relax with a hobby or go on vacation with ease and pleasure.

  • Spending time with family and friends feels special and loving.

  • You feel OK in your own skin and at ease among others just the way you are, without the need for crutches you have used.

  • You can finally make peace with the past and move on to a better future.

  • You accept yourself without blaming others.

  • You are feeling healthy and vital again. Moving through activities with ease.

Working with hypnosis, you gain self-awareness and alignment at the subconscious level so that you can achieve your goals and enjoy life-changing outcomes.


This natural, drug-free approach is proven to provide long-lasting results with both physical and emotional issues.

Sessions are held in person at my office or in the comfort of your own home online via  Zoom (similar to Skype).

Jacqueline is a Certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)

*Not a physician or mental health professional.

Home: Welcome
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